Walker Model S18 Commercial Zero Turn Mower


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Walker Model S18 Commercial Zero Turn Mower

Designed with simplicity, durability, and serviceability in mind — the S18 remains the ideal entry-level, grass handling Walker Mower that is light-on-the-turf, productive, and versatile.

It features the patented Grass Handling System using a 12.5 inch, two-piece blower assembly with Thru-Shaft PTO providing powerful suction and leaving a clean, smooth cut. With thicker scroll and backplate, the two-piece blower is not only more durable, but repairs or replacement are now much easier.

Mower blades and powered attachments are now driven by an electric Ogura PTO clutch with Soft Start technology, simplifying maintenance and providing easy, worry-free operation of the PTO in any season.

Able to run 36 to 56-inch decks, the S18 is the perfect choice for residential properties, gated yards, and demanding customers

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