Toro 10” 2-Cycle 43cc Cultivator – 58601


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Toro 10” 2-Cycle 43cc Cultivator – 58601

Soil preparation and maintenance are the key to any successful garden. The Toro Cultivator makes it easy to create the perfect soil conditions for growing your flowers and vegetables. Considered a jack-of-all-trades in the garden, the Toro Cultivator will break up pre-tilled earth, mix in fertilizer, aerate soil, and weed around plants. It optimizes both user control and flexibility through practical design. Featuring an overhand grip and throttle arrangement, the Toro Cultivator allows for both forward and backward operation making it easy to maneuver around delicate plants. Height adjustable wheels allow for depth control and seamless transport. Tines are removable offering a larger 10” width for tilling and smaller 6” width for cultivating. The Toro Cultivator brings joy to the job of breaking ground by offering ease and reliability.

  • A versatile garden tool ready to take on weeding, mixing and aerating your garden soil.
  • Convenient on-board wheels adjust up and down for easy transport around the garden and provide depth control while cultivating.
  • Overhand control on the handlebars reduces bouncing and jumping allowing you to remove the weeds around your plants.
  • Features a 43cc 2-cycle engine, one of the most powerful cultivator engines on the market.
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